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Dynamic response and roughening of ferroelectric domain walls driven at planar electrode edges
Rapin G, Ehrensperger S, Blaser C, Caballero NB, Paruch P.

Applied Physics Letters. 2021;119:242903

Understanding and controlling the motion, stability, and equilibrium configuration of ferroelectric domain walls is key for their integration into potential nanoelectronic applications, such as ferroelectric racetrack memories. Using piezoresponse force microscopy, we analyze the growth and…

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Hystorian: A processing tool for scanning probe microscopy and other n-dimensional datasets
Musy L, Bulanadi RAY, Gaponenko I, Paruch P.

Ultramicroscopy. 2021;228(113345)

Research in materials science increasingly depends on the correlation of information from multiple characterisation techniques, acquired in ever larger datasets. Efficient methods of processing and storing these complexdatasets are therefore crucial. Reliably keeping track of data processing is…

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Local and correlated studies of humidity-mediated ferroelectric thin film surface charge dynamics
Gaponenko I, Musy L, Domingo N, Stucki N, Verdaguer A, Bassiri-Gharb N, Paruch P.

npj computational materials. 2021;7(1):163

Electrochemical phenomena in ferroelectrics are of particular interest for catalysis and sensing applications, with recent studies highlighting the combined role of the ferroelectric polarisation, applied surface voltage and overall switching history. Here, we present a systematic Kelvin probe…

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Local Probe Comparison of Ferroelectric Switching Event Statistics in the Creep and Depinning Regimes in Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3 Thin Films
Tueckmantel P, Gaponenko I, Caballero NB, Agar JC, Martin LW, Giamarchi T, Paruch P.

Physical Review Letters. 2021;126(117606)

Ferroelectric materials provide a useful model system to explore the jerky, highly nonlinear dynamics of elastic interfaces in disordered media. The distribution of nanoscale switching event sizes is studied in two Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3 thin films with different disorder landscapes using piezoresponse…

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Roughness and dynamics of proliferating cell fronts as a probe of cell–cell interactions
Rapin G, Caballero NB, Gaponenko I, Ziegler B, Rawleigh A, Moriggi E, Giamarchi T, Brown SA, Paruch P.

Scientific reports. 2021;11(1):8869

Juxtacellular interactions play an essential but still not fully understood role in both normal tissue development and tumour invasion. Using proliferating cell fronts as a model system, we explore the effects of cell–cell interactions on the geometry and dynamics of these one-dimensional…

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